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The MA in Leadership programme is an interdisciplinary, collaborative postgraduate programme designed to meet the needs of mid-career leaders. It provides an innovative and highly flexible approach to self-motivated learners to pursue a degree in the context of a learning community.

As an interdisciplinary programme, it is open to qualified individuals with a variety of professional backgrounds, including church administration, healthcare, business, and educational administration.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the general requirements of the University for admission into Master’s programmes, Master ofLeadership applicants must:

Applicant must have four years work experience, out of which a minimum of three should have been in a leadership position.

Applicant should be in a leadership position at the time of application.

Applicants must request their former universities and employing organizations to send recommendations directly to the AUA Office of Admissions.

Student Assessment

Given the various types of learning experiences prescribed for Leadership students, a variety of types of assessment will be used, including:

Continuous Assessment, which is 40% of the final grade, and may include assessment tools such as specific assignments, semester papers, book reviews, short tests, case studies and analyses, and class presentations.

Depending on the course, lecturers use at least 3 continuous assessment strategies., which may include: Final Examination which should be 60% of the final grade.

Term papers, project, Dissertations and Theses which follow the AUA Standards of Written Work.

Independent Study, guided and assessed by one or more faculty member(s), as requested by student.

Individual Field Work, supervised by authorized expert(s), under faculty guidance.

Individual student self-assessment, in writing, of professional growth achieved since the last yearly session, and of unfulfilled expectations, given to major professor.

Individual student promptness and thoroughness in providing, at specified times between the yearly sessions, faculty prescribed reading, evaluation, and other reports.

Ongoing yearly assessment, in writing, by each adviser of student research project, of the progress achieved towards completing the Leadership Project.

Final approval, in writing, of the Leadership Project, by the student project adviser, the Research professor, and the Dean.


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