Health Insurance

Health Insurance

With the growing awareness of the health issues affecting us and rising cost of health services, health Insurance is increasingly becoming a fundamental need in our everyday life.
Through our partnerships with various health insurance providers, Eagle Africa Insurance Brokers Limited is able to provide a variety of solutions to your health insurance needs.

Individual Covers
These covers cater for the individual client who takes responsibility for arranging their own medical insurance cover and paying their own premium.

It also caters for employees covered under a corporate medical scheme but feel that they are not adequately insured.
The cover can be arranged on a single unit or family unit.

Afya Milele
At Eagle Africa we believe that every individual whether young or old is entitled to health cover. In line with this and in response to society’s request for an affordable medical cover Eagle Africa Insurance Brokers developed individual medical products under the umbrella name Afya Milele. The products are as follows:

a) Afya Milele Seniors - include

b) Afya Milele Individuals and SMEs - include

c) Afya Milele Halisi - include

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